Jacking off? girls...do you like or dislike?

i personally like when my boyfriend jacks off with me around.

i think its funner to get him in the mood and let him finish it off with me kissing him the whoel time :]]]

i mean, soemtimes I help him finish. (tehe.)

but it takes too long!

so I let him finish the job.

i like seeing him happy :]

girls .whats ur opinion on guys jacking off?

icky, or hot?


Most Helpful Girl

  • i enjoy it !

    • I like to stroke it too..and love it when one or more girls are watching...I do not even have to know them...I just like girls looking at my hard pecker and watching me play with it to completion. If you want to see me do it any time, on webcam or person, call 1-219-880-5383

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  • I love jacking off in front of a gf! I love when they do a sexy tease too while I'm doing it. That stuff makes me explode! My SO used to tell me how impressed she was by the amount and distance of my squirts when I jerked myself off for her.. she said she just loved to watch. That made me feel awesome.

  • we love to see women play with themselves and they like to see us play with ourselves

  • icky, ask yourself is he really happy or jus pretending to make you happy?being with sum1 should make you happy if you enjoy BEING with them.-funnie


What Girls Said 7

  • I think its hot seeing a guy pleasureing himself, and sort of funny too lmao.

    i don't think its hot or icky.

    if the moments right then riight on =] I like to watch.

    but if its bad timeing then its like umm ok awkward


    • If you are a girl, let me know when you would like to watch a guy jack off...I love to jack off for any girl anytime so long as she wants to see my pecker and watch me stroking it to completion. 1-219-880-5383 that goes for any of your girlfriends too...let them have my number to call me on.

  • There is nothing like it! My neighbor jacks off all the time. I think he knows that I watch him, but we never talk about it when we see each other. I love it when he arches his back and slowly strokes his hard shaft Some times he plays with his balls and jacks with the other hands. I get wet and play with myself.

    Love Tina

    • I love to jack off as well would you like to coordinate some time with us both fully aware of the others presence for you and maybe a girlfriend or two to watch me jack my **** off? 1-219-880-5383

    • that's so hot

  • i personally love the idea that my boyfriend might masturbate to me.

    or to anyone really.

    even though I agree with you, I still find it strange aha

    like the typical woman shouldn't enjoy that

  • I like when my bf jacks off to me on the phone or while he looks at me finger myself

  • Not hot or icky. Just. what they do <_<.

  • i don't think that its icky, but why should he be jacking off? that's what sex is for. I don't like it, I feel when he is jacking off that he wants to think of another female. sorry don't fly with me.

    • Maybe they're not having sex yet. It seems that way since apparently the girl can't even be arsed to finish getting him off herself.

    • Or maybe he likes to play with his own pecker, and likes it when girls watch. It may be as simply as you know I do it...but now I want you to watch me do it.... I guess it is like in your analogy view point that if a guy is according to you thinking about another girl, then girls too are thinking about another guy when they screw themself as well.

  • Totally gross and inappropriate-that's just my opinion though.

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