He doesn't have time for a relationship right now.

Okay so me and my boyfriend broke up a week ago. He told me that he wanted me to go out and have fun but "no head, no even touching another guys d***." He said that we can try dating again in the summer but that he "doesn't have time for a relationship right now." Some days he's really flirty and others he acts distant. He told me that there's no other girl in his life so I don't know what to do. I should mention that this is an LDR but he only lives 1:10 minutes away and I used to see him every weekend. I told him I'd wait for him. I'm so crazy about this guy and I really don't wanna lose him. I gave him my virginity and my heart. He's coming this weekend to "say goodbye" for the couple months that I won't see him. What should I do?!


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  • I would just go about your normal life. I think he is giving you a number of mixed signals though, which isn't a good sign. I would talk to him a bit more. For all intents and purposes, if you are told: to go out and have fun, that you are no longer in a relationship, he acts distant, and that you won't be seeing him for a few months, I would only assume you shouldn't have to live by any rules whatsoever. It is less healthy to be quasi-involved with someone you don't see for months/are waiting for them to come back to you than it is to be upset about getting over someone and maybe exploring other options in the process. Who knows, if you try having fun you might find that this summer couldn't come soon enough or that you've found another great opportunity in the process. First step is fixing the whole you can't do this can't do that situation ASAP!

    • I'm scared to change anything though because he might just give up on me entirely. Like I don't want him going out and hooking up with other people either. If he'll be back in my arms come Summer, then I'll wait for him. But I don't get why his mood keeps changing towards me. He used to treat me like a princess... he totally changed the last month and I'm struggling to see why. I feel like he knows he's got me wrapped around his fingers so he's less interested? Is this valid for guyys?

    • Don't be afraid to change. There is nothing worse than being strung along. If he says he doesn't want to be in a relationship and you agree, you can be upset about him seeing other people, but it will only frustrate you. I'd also be worried about why his attitude suddenly changed, this is something you need to talk to him about, ASAP. There could be a million reasons, but until you ask you are just speculating. You both can't have the best of both worlds here. Relationship, or no relationship.

    • I know.. I've tried talking to him less and I think that kinda worked. He texted me first today & I responded and then he texted again and I didn't respond and then he texted me again a couple hours after. & He sounded a bit jealous about a comment I made as well and now he stopped talking again. He's coming over not this weekend but the next and I don't know how to act

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  • If he broke up with you then you're fair game.

    • What do you mean? I don't want to hook up with other people :(