He rescued me from being raped. How do I repay him?

This past weekend I was at a party with some friends. There were at least 50 people at this house and everyone, including myself, was drinking. I had 2 beers but I felt drunk, it was weird. (I later realized that the guy who brought me my beer, who I trusted and thought was a friend, slipped me a roofie) at any rate I remember going to the bathroom to puke but the next thing I remember is waking up in a bed that was not mine, in a house that I did not recognize. I got out of the bed, I still had my clothes on, which was a relief considering I didn't know where I was but my neck hurt like hell. when I walked out of the bedroom I see a guy sleeping on a couch in the living area of this place. he must have sensed that someone was staring at him because he woke up and got up and came toward me. I told him not to touch me and he back up and told me that he wasn't going to hurt me. I also noticed he had a black eye. I began crying and asking what the hell is going on and where I am and all that. he then explains what happened. AT the party as I was walking to the bathroom a guy (my 'friend') approached me and redirected me to a bedroom of that house. The guy whose house I woke up in (which is not the same house as the party) over heard me tell a friend that I felt really sick and dizzy and saw this and knowing I was inebriated he walked over to the room which my 'friend' had taken me. apparantly the moron friend who was attempting to rape me forgot to lock the door so the other guy walked right in. By the time he got into the room my 'friend' had my shirt off and my jeans unbuttoned. this resulted in an altercation between the two and Billy (who I will call the guy who rescued me) then took me, still passed out to his house and put me in his bed to sleep off the roofie that my 'friend' put in to my drink. the 'friend' confessed to billy that he did indeed put a roofie in my drink and billy was able to obtain and flush the remaining roofies that 'friend' had on him. I am certain that I was not raped. I now feel guilty that billy got involved. he didn't have to but he saved me from being raped and I don't know how to thank him. what should I do? I owe him everything. not many men would do something like that especially for a girl that they did not know.
He rescued me from being raped. How do I repay him?
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