Why the hell is he shaking? Guys need your help?!

Hey guysss.. :D

so my new boyfriend visited me last saturday..and we were just sitting on my couch, watching tv...then I sat on his lap and started kissing him..this was our first kiss...i kissed his neck, cheeks, then lips...

he put his arms around me and his arms started shaking terribly! he tried to put it under control but he couldnt! I was irritated and stopped...he said its alright but he couldn't do anything against it...his facial expressions also changed whenever I kissed him..he looked as if he was suffering! as if he had to fight demons or sth hahahaha I don't know how to describe it better... when I stopped kissing him and looked into his face, he looked as if he was fighting inner demons and after like 3 seconds he smiled at me like he was sayin "everythings fine...Im ok..nothing happened" ...he definitely enjoyed it and told me that I was an incredible kisser and bla bla but what the hell is wrong with himm...

does that happen to you too sometimes? I thought he maybe has an illness or I don't know :D

i mean many guys get aroused and start moarning or sth but never heard of someones arms shaking... :S
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well I have to add that it was not this nervous shaking..it was that his arm was really trembling, he couldn't stop it...was not because of excitenment...
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yeah of course I was nice about it :D he was so cute and embarrassed but I said that I found that sweet :D I mean its cuter than being a routined playboy ha ha :D
Why the hell is he shaking? Guys need your help?!
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