What happens after a drunk hook-up with a friend?

So I hooked up with this guy I've know for several years, drunk. Well we were both pretty drunk. I will still see him all the time, seeing as though he is one of my sibling's roommates, but I don't want it seem too awkward. After each (of several times in one night) time, he cuddled up next to me, followed me into another room and kissed me over and over all night...but then having realized my sibling made it home several hours later he felt weird about me being in his room for fear of how awkward it would be for my sibling to find out. (or maybe that was his way of wanting me out of his room even after he snuggled with me and told me he wanted me in there all night) Hell I am not one of those one night stand girls and do all that lovey crap. Now, we are both into our late and mid 20's, but I was in a long relationship up until a few months ago. I am all for being normal and the way we were before the hook-up, but we get hang out pretty often and even get drunk when I am able to go out with everyone so I secretly want to hook up again. He is PERFECT for the no strings attached thing and I def. would never date this guy long term or even short term! I figured drunk or not I don't think he would have wanted to snuggle, have sex over and over in one night (well maybe lol) if he wasn't even just a little interested in me (as in maybe wanting to hook-up again later another night) So is there a chance that the hookup could happen again and if so, do I make that move or just wait for him to do like he did the other night? He hasn't denied the hook-up and neither have I, but I know I would love to do it again and kinda driving myself crazy because like I said it is the perfect "buddy" situation! So what to do?


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  • Get drunk again, wait until its quiet, and no one is looking and... POUNCE


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