So ... what's our relationship status?

I've been dating a guy for a month now. I'm 23 and he's 26. Both of us have semi busy independent lives. Our first two dates were mellow, he and I just hung out, at dinner, went to a movie and he hugged me at the end of each. He's a bit shy, very respectful too and a great listener. He makes me laugh and we flirt with each other quite a bit.

The rest of our dates went like this ...

third - dinner and movie at my place, he kissed me and we made out that night for a while, no sex.

fourth - beach date, movie at my place which led to oral sex, not all the way. I'm a virgin and I told him I'm not ready, I need more time. He was totally understanding of it and said we shouldn't rush it.

fifth - dinner during the week, goodnight kiss

sixth - movie at my place, oral again.

seventh - lunch date, goodbye kiss

So, we're mixing it up, not making it completely physical. I wanted to make sure our chemistry superseded sex lol. A

We talked about where we were headed and due to his past girlfriend who was kinda a drama nut, he said he isn't ready for anythign serious and wants a relationship in a no pressure situation, no emotional rollercoasters and no boyfriend/girlfriend talk. I told him that was fine with me, drama is never help anyways, but that I would need to be exclusive and no FWB. He's like, for sure that was a given. And he said, so we're dating I guess. This was after our second date when we hadn't even kissed yet. We've had 4 dates after this and I know he likes me and we have chemistry. I'm just not sure how to approach us from here on? Pretend like I don't care what we are? Just go with the flow? I really appreciate his honesty and the fact we both agreed right off the bat to be exclusive. But, when can we have another "talk" and how long can it continue to be just "casual dating"?

His behavior in between dates is pretty nice ... he texts me every morning to say hi and I let him pursue me, although once in a while I'll take the initiative to make a move.

Also, V-Day is coming up. We're meeting up I'm sure this weekend, but I shouldn't expect anythign right?


So ... what's our relationship status?
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