How to find compatible virgin wife?

Hi, I'm Rico, I'm 27 (6" 175 lbs, mixed race 3/4 white 1/4 black) and I've been looking forever to find a suitable wife. I know I probably sound like some tibetan monk, but I did try twice to have a real relationship. Every time I start falling for a girl, her past creeps up and haunts the crap out of me. If I'm to be with this woman for the rest of our lives, how can I compromise? It rips me up inside, why do girls have to born with that stupid little piece of skin anyways... damn male pride. All I could ever think about was the rush that these guys got off "my womans" first time.

I know that my values are skewed, and probably come off as insecure, but it's how I feel about it , I wish I didn't but here I am, and it's really sad. You see, I cared deeply for these girls, but not enough that I could give myself entirely to them.

Always been attractive to women, I mean, I do get approached, and at the bar, girls will hang around the table me & my buddy sit at, so I know that I'm at least good looking enough. My problem is I'm loveshy. It's like I'm scared to commit to any girl because of this damn virginity thing. I can't move on with my life now, cause I'm getting older, and don't know if I'll ever find her in my lifetime.

At my work (yeah, I know bad place) there're two girls that are for sure virgins. I like one of them, and she likes me, she wears makeup when we work together, she smiles more when I'm there (from what the other girls tell me) so I think she likes me. But like I said I'm a goof, and no matter how good looking you are, if she doesn't like your personality, forget it.

So I talk to her, and talk to her, and ask her out, but never does she want to do anything with me.

The other girl told me flat out she was a virgin, but I'm not attracted to her at all. She does have her sh*t together, so in that sense I could be at least comfortable knowing she's not a fall down.

There's definitely more to this, but I don't want to bore you too much right meow.

Man I gotta get a new hobby or something lol.

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Thanks for all the feedback, some great views out there, you've givin me lots to think about.
How to find compatible virgin wife?
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