I slept with my next door neighbor and he's a pig. What now?

I've been sleeping with my nextdoor neighbor for a few weeks.. It's all about fun, but I thought things were going a little further between us. Yesterday, he stayed over, woke up in my bed.. And the day went on.

Walls are very thin where we live.. . Last night, we hear him in his room with another girl. From what my roomate says, she heard his bed banging against the wall pretty hard and she heard a girl moaning.

Now, I know my neighbor and I have no ties or commitment, however, I am extremely bothered by this. Not the fact that he's having sex with another girl, but that fact that he couldn't have AT LEAST been a little discreet about it. Considering the fact that he was with me the night before and he knows how thin the walls are.

I took it as a slap in the face. MAybe I am being oversensitive, but it made me feel low and disgusted for even sleeping with this person. I am literally sick to my stomache. I think any normal person would be.

My roomate tried to make a scene, but I didn't say anything. I just went to bed. I need some advice on how to approach this situation. I want to get him back for this in some kind of way.. What is the best way that I can go about this without letting him know how this got to me?
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Funny thing..Turns out my roomate made up the whole thing anout him having sex with another girl because she wanted him... Ha!
I slept with my next door neighbor and he's a pig. What now?
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