My boyfriend wants to lick me ~down~ there, I'm scared he might not like what he sees and tastes, what do I do?

I'm a virgin, he's my fourth boyfriend but first official one that I presented to my family. We've been going out for about 6 months, I told him I want to wait until we have full intimacy, I wanted to wait till we I get married but I've been considering at least after we go out for a year. meanwhile he's wanted to do other stuff, he's licked and bit my boobs and has fingered me but now he wants to try something different, he asked me if he could lick me ~down~ there and I told him idk, but really I'm scared he won't like what he see's and tastes. I honestly didn't know what it was until he asked me and explained, he told me I would like it but I'm not sure, and I'm not sure if my virginity would be at risk, what do I do?


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  • Neither oral nor even fingers or dildos affect virginity, which is not an intact hymen, but a state of not having had penetrative intercourse. Satisfying intimacy at Third Base (both ways, of course) can enable you to have your first intercourse with a ring on your left hand. Looking back at how good third base can be, I would have been willing to wait.

    If you decide to experience oral from him, open up and swish out in a warm bath with a mild soap like Dove pink. Groom the forest so is is short at the top and down the sides so it doesn't get in the way. Hartmut is not correct. Men who give oral like doing it and the various fragrances and tastes if a healthy, clean Vag are a pleasure to the giver.

    Have him wash his hands, trim his nails and (!) brush his teeth before dining.

    • Well, it's not the primary concern, is it?

      Then again, what the hell do I know?

    • Women should never use any soap near their vagina. It will cause an infection. The vagina has loads of healthy bacteria it it to keep it healthy and clean so warm water us enough to clean it. If you use soap you just kill the good bacteria and end up with an infection.

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  • Most guys don't eat out their girlfriends because they like the look or taste. They do it to see her go wild. There's precious little else that's as sexy to a guy.

    • Ironically enough, I'm Irish, and I DON'T drink. So, no.

    • As am I, but I drink whisky at the pub and nectar at the Y as often as I can manage. Different kind of drunk on the second, though.

  • Your virginity is not at risk if he only wants to use his tongue down there. As for your fear of him not liking what you have, as long as you are clean you'll be fine. All you need to really hope for is him knowing what he is doing when he gets there. Having your clit licked is the best part. If he doesn't do that, direct him to it.


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