6 questions about grinding (please answer)

1) why do guys put their leg between a girls' legs? does it feel better for them or do they do that to make the girl feel better?

2) do you prefer to front-grind or from the back?

3) what feels best for you?

4) if you're trying to grind a girl from the back but she keeps turning around so she's face-to-face to you. what would you think? (that it feels better for her like this? that she's not comfortable with it?)

5) do you grind with girls / guys that you're not interested in?

6) what music is best for grinding?
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and I'm talkng about grinding like in dirty dancing II (dancing seductively), not just shaking your butt.

for those of you who haven't seen the movie: link
6 questions about grinding (please answer)
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