Girls, how many of you shave down there?

How many of you shave, trim, or just let it be down there?

How come? Does your boyfriend like it?

I just trim for a number of reasons:

I've shaved before, but I felt like a little girl with no hair. And when the stubble came back, it came back with a vengeance! It was so irritating to have to shave down there everyday to keep the stubble at bay.

Plus, with having to shave my legs and pits already... well, that's a lot of maintenance in my opinion. So I decided to just keep it neat and clean.

How about you?
Completely shaved/waxed.
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Just trimmed neat and clean.
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It's... pretty wild down there.
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I'm a guy, just wanting to check out the results.
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Girls, how many of you shave down there?
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