Do guys get emotionally attached to the girl they lost their virginity to?

I was wondering if guys get attached to who they lose their virginity to. Me and my ex both lost it to each other, we broke up just cause he was going to college so we were on good terms is he still emotionally attached?


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  • Yes of course we never forget the first time unless it was for pay or someting like that. We might forget others, but never the first one, especially if it was spontaneous and sweet as it usually is for most people!

    So you can be he's still emotionally attached. Of course he could be involved with someone ELSE at college by now so don't think he will come running just because you call him.but he'll probably at least answer you!

    • Thanks for the answer! I am not that close to many guys so it is great to have a guys opinion sometimes!

    • How about giving me best answer then?

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  • I get attached to every woman I have sex with, including all the sex workers I have hired. there have only been a few exceptions to this though. Each time I have sex, I want to keep that woman for her decision to be with ME and not with SOMEONE ELSE. Usually, that someone else is taller, younger and better looking than me so I always feel very grateful for her.escorts being the exception to this though. However, such an attachment does go away with time if I never see her again. Sucks though, someday I may meet a keeper before I get really old and wrinkly.hahaha


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