Average condoms are too big for me...any advice?

It's probably weird to be putting on a condom when you've never even had a girlfriend but just give me the benefit of the doubt, okay? I was curious to see how it felt.

Anyway, these condoms claim to be "average" or "thin" sized but they're still too big for me. It's all loose and...airy...and it slips out so easily. ._.;

I mean, I know my penis is probably on the smaller side, 4 inches long and around, but I had no idea it would be this embarrassing ON MY OWN.

I was okay with my less than average penis before, size doesn't matter right? But now I'm just like ughhh, I can't even use simple birth control without feeling so embarrassed about myself.

I wish I could just make it a little bigger, just enough to FIT. UGH.

And that's my rant. Any advice? .___.;;

Average condoms are too big for me...any advice?
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