33 year old virgin - how to tell new girlfriend


I have been seeing a girl for 3 months, and we have made out quite a few times. However I have never had a serious relationship before (I was painfully shy when I was younger and I only really started dating when I was 27, but never felt I wanted to pursue things with any of them beyond dating for around a month and making out a bit - after a month I just realized there were incompatibilities personality wise in each case and in the other case she called it a day because she changed her mind).

But this time I don't feel that and we have been getting closer and closer these last few months, gradually getting more physical as well.

But now I am really nervous that if I tell her I have never done much beyond just making out sessions at my age and have never had a serious long term relationship she might freak out and run a mile? But she will now I am a virgin if I don't tell her because I won't know what to do very well yet, if at all! Which would also be a disaster.

So girls - would this put you off, given she must think I am worth pursuing to have dated for 3 months? But maybe once she finds out the truth she will decide its better to go and get a guy who is experienced?

btw I have not been waiting for the perfect person, but at least want it to be with someone I will have something serious with (I could have lost it a few times in one night things with other girls I have dated). And I think that will be the one I have dated the last 3 months. But I don't want to freak her out and scare her off - I can't imagine many girls would expect a guy to have a story like this!
33 year old virgin - how to tell new girlfriend
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