Guys & Girls Idea of getting pregnant a turn on?

Okay, so I hear and read a lot about how for many guys the thought of getting a girl pregnant is a huge turn on, and I have even spoken to guys who have confirmed this with me, including my partner! lol

But, are the girls out there that find it a turn on too? I do! I mean with my fiance, not any random man! I'm on the pill because we aren't ready for the responsibilty of kids yet, but still the thought of him getting me pregnant is just such a turn on!

So what are the opinions of people here?

Guys: Do you find the idea of impregnating a women sexy?

Girls: Do you find the notion of getting pregnant a turn on?

Let me clarify, it may just be fantasy and you don't want kids yet, but its the idea of it.

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Guys & Girls Idea of getting pregnant a turn on?
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