20 Naughty Questions

If the question doesn't pertain to you, either skip it or put "N/A".

Have fun ^_^

1.) How old are you?

2.) Guys, length & girth? Ladies, measurements(breast size, waist, hips)?

3.) What body part of the opposite sex do you find the most attractive?

4.) Do you masturbate? How many times in a typical week?

5.) Do you own any sex toys? How many do you or have you owned?

6.) How many guys/girls have you had sex with?

7.) How many times a week, 'would' you ideally 'like' to have sex?

8.) Which do you enjoy more, giving or receiving oral?

9.) Guys/Girls are you very verbal in bed? Girls, are you more of a moaner or a screamer?

10.) What is your favorite position? (If you have more than one, go ahead and list them)

11.) If you're a guy how long do you last on average? If you're a girl have you ever squirted?

12.) Guys, favorite place to bust? Girls, favorite place to be busted on?

13.) Girls/Guys, have you ever tried anal sex? Do you like it?

14.) How old or young a person are you willing to have sex with?

15.) Have you ever had a 3-some? If not, would you? How about DP? If no would you?

16.) Have you ever had sex in public? Where? If not, would you & where?

17.) Boxers or Briefs / Thong or Panties

18.) Do you freak dance? Are you good at it?

19.) If you had the opportunity to have sex with any celebrity, who would it be? (links people, links! ...if you can)

20.) What is your sexual fantasy?
+1 y
1) 23

2) 9.7x2.3

3) Booty

4) yes 7

5) 6

6) 1

7) 5

8) Giving

9) Can be

10) Reverse Cowgirl

11) 15-20mins min/ 4hr max

12) Chest, mouth, on ass

13) Not yet

14) 18-40

15&16) no & no

17) Boxers

18) yes & yes

19) Hayden Panettiere

20) 2girls
20 Naughty Questions
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