Girls: Does it especially hurt to get hit "down there" too?

I had a few friends over to my place last weekend, and after running through the usual drinking games we got bored and tried to come up with a new one.

One of my best friends Sarah challenged me to a "Roshambo" (the thing from south park where you take turns kicking each other in the crotch til some1 gives up) with the loser taking a beer bong. She told me it hurts girls to get kicked "down there" too, so although skeptical I went along with it.

So, "ladies first" & she nailed me in the nuts, but I managed to stay on my feet. Next it was my turn, (I don't believe in hitting girls) but she was up for it so I kicked her (holding back a bit) and she oooh'd and covered her crotch, but she didn't seem too phased.

She took her turn and nailed me again, but despite the agony I wanted at least 1 more turn (I think the booze helped).

I didn't hold back as much this time. She was wearing a skirt and I felt my foot connect hard with warmth between her thighs. This time she yelped and hopped around holding herself and I felt really bad that I might have really hurt her. I asked if she was OK, and a few minutes of nursing herself later she was eager to continue the game.

Now it was her turn, and I assumed the position with legs apart. She came close this time grabbing me by the shoulders and rammed her knee hard into my balls twice. Inevitably I lost and had to do the beer bong... once I recovered.

Now I'm still wondering if she faked her reaction and I got duped into playing? But then her second reaction was more convincing and she did nail me twice at the end almost "in revenge".

What do you think, was she just playing me? And do girls also have a weakness between their legs?
Girls: Does it especially hurt to get hit "down there" too?
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