Help! My stepbrother kissed me!

Basically, My mum and dad divorced four years ago. My dad met this woman, started dating and they have now moved in with each other. Every third weekend I stay with my dad and his girlfriend along with my real brother, aged 11 and my dad's girlfriends son, aged 14. I am 16. The first time I met my dad's girlfriends son, lets call him alex, he didn't talk to me at first but then after a few months we got on really well, we are really good friends. He texts me and when ever we are with each other at weekends we go to the cinema and hang out together till like 4 in the morning. Any way, he's a bit strange towards me, he hits me with pillows, sits on my, lies on me, sings songs to me such as always by blink 182, bonnie tyler - total eclipse of the heart and your song by elton john, just to name a few. He insults me sometimes implying that I'm fat or a lesbian but I know he is just joking. He constantly asks me if I have a boyfriend and anytime I mention other boys being attractive he say "Ew they are horrible looking" or something along those lines. The other day he started talking to me about his girlfriend but the next day he told me he had dumped her because he had gone back to liking someone else, mentioning no names. Anyway last Saturday we are both sitting at opposite ends of the couch and he comes on top of me and hugs me for ages and I can hear and feel his heart pounding in his chest then he kisses me on the cheek then on the lips 4 times then kisses me full on for about 10 minutes.During the kiss he feels my boobs but then puts his hands back on my back. He then stops and begins to leave to go to his bed, turns around and asks "is this just a one time thing, right?" to which I said yes. He comes back down half an hour later and it happens three more times. This time while he does it, he feels my boobs again then moves onto putting my hair behind my ear and putting his hands back on my back then my arm. He tried to go further down my back but I moved his hand away and he says sorry then goes to bed. And the next morning he acts as if nothing has happened. So I text him two days later saying "are we going to talk about this" and he said "no, don't think we should as it was a one off" and he is seeing this girl again. From what I can gather he hasn't had much kissing experience. I guess what I want to know is what on earth is he thinking? Does he like me or did he use me just to get some experience? There has to be someone out there who can help me please, he is all I have thought about for 8 months and I think I'm beginning to love him and I really don't want to. Could someone please tell me what he is thinking because I really don't want you be used and I would love to move on from this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you do answer it, I cannot thank you enough, it means so much to me x
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A huge thank you to everyone who answered my question, it means a lot but I would just like to know, have I been used? Did he do that for 8 months just ot use me for one night? x
Help! My stepbrother kissed me!
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