I didn't tell him I was a virgin...

Soo long story short, I met this guy, grew to trust him, slept with him, and didn't tell him I was a virgin. I never really held sex up on a pedestal or anything it just never happened for me. We haven't had the whole "number of previous partners" chat or anything but things are starting to become more serious and I want to be honest. I KNOW I should have told him before... but what's done is done right? So please I don't need anymore criticism about that... (I'm already critical enough of myself). The only part I regret is not telling him, other than that I love sleeping with him.

I never "technically" lied but I feel like witholding the truth was just as bad. How can I tell him? Do you think he will forgive me?
I didn't tell him I was a virgin...
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