Why can't he get an erection?

he finds me unnatractive? Okay, so I could see and feel that he was hard while we were kissing, but once we got our clothes off he was no longer hard. I went down on him and he got hard again and stayed that way throughout sex. We had sex again about half an hour later and he was not hard then either. After I sucked on him a bit he was hard again. We are in our 30's.


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  • Guys can have problems getting or keeping an erection for lots of reasons.

    By rolling around in bed with you he's proved that he thinks you're attractive, so we can eliminate that possibility.

    And he was able to have intercourse, so he _can_ maintain an erection.

    There are tons of other reasons he might sometimes have trouble: stress, anxiety, embarrassment,

    alcohol, drugs, fatigue. Sometimes guys don't know why they can't get hard.

    If it happens occasionally, it's not a big problem.

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  • Sounds like things are not as steamy as you'd like, but from the sound of it, this guy seems normal. The key, or so I understand, is to avoid ejaculation. this is an ancient sex practice that works, and actually allows men to have multiple orgasms. I can attest that it works, however, the orgasms come very close together and become increasingly difficult to hold back, without a really trained PC muscle. you have to let the arousal level drop a bit.anyway its a bit complicated to explain here, but it is indeed possible and highly recommendable, as the more ejaculations a man has- in his thirties, the more difficult it is to maintain an erection of any quality. In other words the average guy should not attempt more than three ejaculations per week. Also ginseng and maca are recommendable aphrodesiacs that can help with uber ejaculation issues. But yeah, that last guys made a little bit of sense in his comments, as rude as it sounded.

    Good luck.

    • It was actually pretty steamy, that's why I was puzzled.

  • usually it takes me at least 30 minutes to get hard again after the first round,this is,I think normal for most men,unless he takes viagra.I wouldn't worry about it,he must not think your too unactractive,or he wouldn't have had sex with you at all.Like I said it just takes time,sometimes between sessions,maybe 30 min.,to an hour atleast. Remember your not 18 anymore.

    By the way,I'm in my 40's,and its been this way for me all my life.

  • ok hmm

    alright, maybe its cause your ugly, I don't know. no one will know, you know why?

    cause 1. you talk about "him" like we knew him. what the hell is he? ur bf? husband? random dude? 2. maybe you are ugly. 3. you finished with your little question by saying "After I sucked on him a bit he was hard again" . ok at the end the dude got his little dick up, what's the problem?

    and there ain't no doctors here either

    • I'm not ugly...and the guy has said multiple times he thinks I am beautiful....and obviously he wants to sleep with me and is still interested in doing it again...LOL Yes, he is my long distance boyfriend. There is no problem...I was fine with the way things went and basically great sex, just curious about why he would have trouble getting it up.

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