How do I tame my abnormally high libido?

Ever since I was a pre teen I have had an out of control sex drive. I started masturbating early and frequently, being from a very religious family this was always my secret shame. I always had a very difficult time staying abstinent and it caused me severe depression which later developed into anxiety disorder.

I managed to keep it in my skirt until I was an adult, but now I can't get enough.

My relationships end because I always want sex more than my partner. I've been told I'm like a man or worse than a man, been called a nympho, slut, whore etc. Its hurtful, I don't want to be the man in my relationships, and I don't want to drive partners away.

Recently I have entered a relationship with a man online, my usual crazy libido has been curbed by recent severe illness, but I am on the mend and now I'm moving to be with this man. I love him dearly and I don't want to drive him away, what can I do to curb my overly high sex drive?
How do I tame my abnormally high libido?
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