How can I make myself squirt, girls?

What positions should I try ? I'm a virgin so how can I do it alone ? What positions make you squirt ?

I'm pretty sure I have found my g spot because it feels good and I automatically get w*t when I touch it but I can't ever seem to c*m from it


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  • Not everybody can squirt. I can squirt sometimes, but not all the time. I can tell you how to get the largest orgasms though from my perspective. If you do not own a toy then I do not think it matters too much if you are in touch with your body. If you cannot cum, then I have a jelly vibrator that is the size of an average **** and it works nice. So to squirt when you are about to pee, don't hold it in. It is not pee it is squirt. Not all girls can squirt though. So the best way of having a big orgasm for me is to put 2 fingers on my g spot, and to use the 2 middle ones, and to use a C motion, so go make a C with fingers then to straighten them while on my g spot. With the other hand I rub my clit, but when I am about to cum, I press down between my belly button and clit with a lot of pressure, as much as it does not hurt and this presses on the g spot action and I get a bigger orgasm. The other thing I like is anal masturbation. Have you tried that? Start with just a single finger and 2 fingers in your butt and rubbing your g spot works well too. Happy orgasms!


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  • have you tried rubbin your clit while stimulating the g spot

    • no but I will give it a try, thanks

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    • I'm a virgin lol, so yeah...

    • well you cud be a virgin but still know what to do down there..but okay, if you really want some tips google it, I'm sure you'll find some info.

  • Simple answer- My d***.

    • lol thanks for reading the question

    • Im just being a smart ass lol. I know you can train yourself to do it. Just google it.

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  • Just keep rubbing your c***. Watching p*rn while doing this might help. :)

  • Most women can't come from G-spot stimulation alone. It mainly boils down to the clit. Rubbing it,playing with it, ya know just what ever floats your boat everyones different. explore yourself, try just all kinds of ways to figure out what you like. Be creative and use your imagination. But ways I find feel good to stimulate myself are laying on my side with my legs together, I put my hand inbetween and rub my clit with sometimes going into the hole, its the friction of laying on your side with your legs closed that helps. Another way is I use the bathtub, I Lay on my back with my legs open under the faucet and I can adjust how cold or warm I want it, or how hard or soft. Its honestly the best feeling way to masturbate. And a little thrusting with and your on your way to a great orgasm.