BF wants me to beg :)

Somy boyfriend and I got pretty 'hot & heavy' through texts last night in detail because I told him I was really horny and we haven't had some "alone" time together in a month because of his roomate & stuff like that so we've been wanting each other.

At one point, he was telling me "Mmmm I want you to beg" that turned me on a bit and made me smile lol

We have only had sex once and he took my virginity so he's showing me his sexual side does that mean he wants me to beg him in person? (during sex?)

Does that mean he wants me to be submissive or something?

How can I be more submissive? We're going to try anal as well By the way. Some tips would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!

BF wants me to beg :)
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