When will girls realize the male bashing is gonna harm boys' confidence?

All these books and news reports..."women do this better" ...the "Boys are stupid throw rocks at them" t-shirts. "are men necessary?" asks NY Times. columinist I've been given the excuse "Well men have been ahead so its just evneing it out" WRONG! 2 reasons 1) two wrongs don't make a right (duh!)

2) Women are in the better position in a lot of ways (I have several examples if you want to deny this)..which is fine honestly ,you gotta take whatever you can get in this world. I'm hating on girls if they play the game to their advantage.

It used to be "well guys can take it"...well guess what? My sister was talking to me the other day about my 5 year old nephew that said he wanted to be a girl..at first she thought maybe he had a gender-indeitity issue (u kno..girl trapped in a boys body)..but when she pressed him on it he said he liked being a boy but "If I'm a boy I can't be smart and have people like me".

And I started thinking about all of this...Women imagine themselves getting back at that pig of a boss never gave her the promotions she deserved and patronized her ..or her abusive dad..or (insert male who wronged said woman). but don't realize what they say has consequences fo little boys who just want to find their place in the world too...but who have mothers...female teachers who think they can't read or sit up straight, and need to be conditioned and re-programmed before they turn into a sexist monster. I'm probably gonna get flamed for this no matter what..but maybe what I have to say next might convince someone from doings so: I'm not saying fmeinism is evil...I'm not saying women should "shut up", that women are inferior, that boys need more help than girls (not saying the oppsite either..HUMAN BEINGS in general need help)...I'm just saying maybe you should be more considerate and realize when you bash a whole gender or write off "men" as inferior, or worthless...you're sending a message to impressionable boys who might begin to think that being born with a penis is somekind of grave misfortune or curse.
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PRAISING the idea of mutilating guys...and by the way not all the guys in the movie are rapists..so don't gimme that...secondly, EVERY SINGLE guy in the movie is a creep except her dad who is shown as worthless. Now think about it can you recall JUST ONE movie where:

-nearly All women are evil and cause harm to a guy

-The guy seeks revenge by mutilating the women sexually

-The guy is protrayed as a hero

Just one?
When will girls realize the male bashing is gonna harm boys' confidence?
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