What does it mean when a guy won't buy condoms??

OK so here's the deal. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while now and we have had sex before. The first time we used a condom (that I supplied aka got free from my college health center as a just in case Because the issue was starting to arise and I wanted to be prepared) and of course it broke. used plan b and everything was OK. I went on birth control immediately following this. We have had sex a few times since without condoms while on the pill (not a lot since we live so far away due to school and other things like roommate and parents and of course my period.) I have had a few instances where I have taken my pill late and then freaked out that I was going to be pregnant and of course when my period was a few days late I would freak out even more. Anyways. Now I have told him we need to use condoms this was a month ago and he still has yet to get them. I told him I wouldn't due to the fact I don't know which ones to buy since I supplied the cheap ass one that broke. I was home for a week for spring break over that week he tried 3 time to have sex with me and of course failed due to not having any condoms. I asked him why and apparently it doesn't cross him mind when he's at the store. even though we have had one of these instances where we were fooling around then a little while later we will go to target or something of the sorts. I just want to know what is up? I have never been with a guy that isn't jumping at every chance he gets to have sex. I am just really confused by it.
What does it mean when a guy won't buy condoms??
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