How do I tell him that I want him to come there?

I have a Fetish and have met someone who I think has a similar fetish But, I just don't know how to convey to him that if he wanted to Experiment with it, It would make me Beyond Happy. I would be Elated.

I always catch him looking. He always makes comments about how he likes how I keep my toes maintained. One day, He brought up how he liked how I had my nails done 2 weeks earlier, Describing exactly how I had them designed, Saying that they really turned him on. He tells me this a lot.

I take a lot of pride in how I keep my hands/nails/toes/feet. I get manicured/pedicured/massaged/polished Religiously every couple of days, And to find someone that appreciates and notices is amazing But, He only ever looks.

I saw him looking and I asked if he had a foot fetish, He said that he did But, He only ever looks.

I want him to Touch and Kiss and Worship (a little) and let me give a Foot Job. I want him to come on them. I'm afraid to ask because, I just don't know if the extent of his fetish is 'just looking'.

What if what I want is too weird? Should I just leave things as they are and hope that maybe he will explore more as he feels comfortable? Or should I tell him?


How do I tell him that I want him to come there?
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