Is my boyfriend still attached to his ex?

So here's some quick details.

My boyfriend was in a relationship with his ex from about 5 years. They broke up in 2008 and haven't spoken a word to each other or seen one another since. He was single up until just may of last year when we started dating.

So a few months ago I was on his computer and a ended up in the recycling bin. In the bin I found 4 pictures of his ex naked. I was so upset I looked through his history to see when he downloaded them. As I found when it was I noticed he was looking at p*rn right before he came across the pictures. So I confronted him about it. He told me that he was in an old email he had and saw an unread email from her (it was just an old one that he hadn't opened) she opened it and saw that pictures were attached and he wanted to see what they were. So he clicked the "download all button" He said he was not masturbating to them and that his p*rn session didn't even go anywhere due to interruptions. I told him I believed him and I did at the time.. although I was still a bit skeptical of his story.

So today I went on his computer to get some recent pictures of us. I couldn't find them anywhere so decided to check the recycling bin to see if they were there. and behold I come across two more pictures or her and him in the nude together. Now I would love to approach him again and ask him what happened this time. I would love to hear his reasons. But I'm afraid that he's going to throw into my face again how "I was snooping" and turn the situation all on me. when in reality I really wasnt. I just think it is so disrespectful for me to find such things when I am happy and so committed to him.

So my question is, does this mean he is still emotionally attached to her? Other wise why would he keep looking at these pics.

On top of all this our sex life for the past 5 months or so has not be the way it used to be. He hasn't once asked me for a quicky before work and most weeks we have sex once.

I just don't know if I should ask him about the pictures or not.
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Well his computer is brand new. The pics in the recycling bin are download from his email.
Is my boyfriend still attached to his ex?
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