Do guys not like it when girls moan?

Me and my boyfriend were having sex last night and it was good so I started moaning. No fake moans at all, they were all real and they weren't anything loud or dramatic. Just "mmm" and gasping for air, he started making a joke out of my moans by moaning them even louder, laughing and then he put his hand over my mouth. No one was home and he doesn't have neighbours so it wasn't like he needed me to be quiet (I wasn't being loud anyway).

I asked if he wanted me to stop moaning and he said I could if I wanted to, I tried to stop moaning but because it felt so good I started moaning again. Then he said I could moan as loud as I wanted. This really confused me. He was moaning too during sex and when I was giving him a blow job. what's going on?
Do guys not like it when girls moan?
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