What does first, second, and third base mean ?

what does first second and third base mean? and obviously I don't mean as in baseball terms .


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  • 1st = hand holding

    2nd = hugging

    3rd = kissing

    4th = marriage (because if you do more than 3rd base, you better be ready to marry the person)



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  • lol you made this question sound funny with the baseball thing mentioned. lol, but that's good cause that way we can have fun answering questions. ok, first base is like french kissing, holding close and talking about second base. lol! second includes 1st base plus foundling, fingering and hj and boobie oral. third base includes 2nd base plus oral to each other below the waist. home includes 3rd base plus having sex.

  • I would really like to answer your question, but I cant. The operators of this site have decided that since you are under 18 you must be protected. You can't ask a question on sexuality. Now in their infinite wisdom they will allow you to read what ever sexually explicit questions and answers any individual over 18 may have posted, but for your protection you can not ask one. I do not understand their logic on that, but then I am not in charge of this site so it isn't really necessary for me to understand it. In the mean time I suggest you search for a more understanding site to ask your questions as it is my belief that if you are old enough to have thought up the question, you should be old enough to ask it and get an answer. Since you are under 18 your question and all the answers will be removed in a day or two. I hope you find your answer. :)


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  • Everyone seems to have their own definition of what each base means, but I will tell you how I understand them and what makes the most sense to me:

    1st base = making out/POSSIBLE groping

    2nd base = hand play

    3rd = oral sex

    and obviously home plate would equal sexual intercourse.

    I also feel like you could possible incorporate short stop and have the bases pan out as such:

    1st base = strictly kissing and making out

    2nd base = groping (clothes still on)

    short stop = hand play

    3rd base = oral sex

    and home plate being sexual intercourse.

  • When I was in school, it went like this. But realize that just about every area has their own definition, so you won't get one definitive answer.

    1st: kissing

    2nd: groping

    3rd: handjobs, fingering, oral

    4th: sex

  • First base is the first step in a sexual realtionship involving making out or french kissing.

    Second base is one step up of First Base, heavy petting and feeling up while making out, up the shirt or shirtless for both partners.

    And third base being the last base before sex, entailing contact with the main sexual regions, a handjob or a blowjob (fellatio) for guys and fingering or giving head (cunnilingus) to the girl.

    (Some will argue that anything involving hands is 2nd base; I have no opinion upon that)

  • first- french kiss

    second- feeling(hand job or a guy feels the girl up)

    third- blowjob and fingering(and I guess oral with a girl)

    fourth- sex

    • Why do you put fingering and hand job on 2 different bases? It seems to me like they should be under one category and that oral sex should have its own. Let me know your opinion on that.

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    • Oh, so why did you put fingering on 3rd base?

    • Lol I guess I didn't explain that right. handjob is touching or feeling which goes with second I don't really count that as oral sex