My girlfriend wants me to use a pump on her

My girlfriend of 2 years wants me to use a clit pump on her. I told her that I don't have any idea how it works. She told me to figure it out. She is very hot and sexy as well as athletic, but I don't want to hurt her clit. What to do?


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  • Geez! I know I'm throwing in an unwanted opinion here, but how awfully boring that would be.

    At the risk of being a wet blanket, but in favor of the greater good of love making.why not try more sensual forms of lovemaking? Karezza, Tantra, El Sexo Transorgasmico.I mean, there are so many possibilities, and yet people seek devices like "clit pumps", as if there are no other ways to have orgasms. Its sound to me that the woman you're with has you totally whipped."go by a clit pump.figure it out". Think about where this is going. YOU have to LEAD sexually. If she likes to be dominant and you prefer the feminine role.OK.fine. But are you sure that's going to be gratifying, in the end? Women are naturally receptive, men are active- Feminine and Masculine- when these two are missing, attraction is gone, and you need a clit pump. Maybe she's giving you a hint to improve you oral skills? Whatever. I'll say this: I don't care how hot a woman is.if she wants me to use a clit pump on her, the relationship would be over.unless she asked me really nice.


    I know this doesn't help your current situation at may even resent me for stating the above.but know that I don't mean to piss anyone off.just giving my viewpoint.

    Take care


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  • Do what she asks. I know it's scary, but that's what she wants, and she wants to do it with you. So do it. It's a rather simple answer.


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  • Just use search engines and research the dangers of using a pump and how to use a pump. If you decide it's safe, buy one from a reputable site or store.