Need Dirty Nicknames for my man!

I need dirty nicknames for my man!The naughtier the better! He calls me all sorts of nasty things that I love: Sugar t*ts, p**** Sugar, etc. etc. I need to return the favor. Please help!


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  • Minge-tease



    Christmas present (opening his fly, going into his pants... like opening a present)

    My f***

    Cum pump

    Wild guy

    Mr.Delicious (I liked being called this, always put a smile on my face)

    • Love Mr. Delicious, sounds like a superhero name. Twat Tease is another good one. Thanks and keep 'em cumming. HA!

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    • Depending on whether you're submissive... I'd love to be called 'My lord', 'Master' etc... Am I going too far lol?

    • ''Juice-ifer'', he's a demon in the bedroom, he's the Lucifer that gets your juices going, he's Satan's answer to hot steamy sex... JUICE-IFER! (It's comical, sexy, ridiculous, original. I've actually thought of this whilst drinking... quite a few beers. Feel privelidged, I've 'given'/'awarded' this special name to you, it's fresh and unused. If you choose to use it... use it, use it well)

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  • well I call my man sugar t*ts, and tell him to show me his man panties. He is the manly type so it's funny! ;D but he already took sugar t*ts. hmmm... how about candy factory lol

    • Oh my god, this is hilarious! But of course he called my sugar t*ts first. Hmmm...I love the show me his panties phrase - think I'm gonna use that very soon.

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  • i used to get called seabiscuit... is that name appropriate for him? ;)

    • HA! For a moment, before I confirmed I posted this anonymously, I was suspicious that you knew me, because my nickname is C-Biscuit (my real first name starts with a C) and I love riding horses, thus my friends have been calling be that for quite some time. Maybe a horse name would be a appropriate...but I'm looking for something dirtier. Like Sugar Dick x 10. :)

    • lol weird coincidence.. how about the fantastic fabulous f*ckable firehose?

  • King of ****

    pussy pleaser


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  • Some thing sexy