Why won't she let me eat it?

I am in a brand new relationship with an older woman. She's 36 (and absolutely gorgeous by the way, haha) and I'm 26. We've officially been a couple now for 3 weeks, but have only been intimate for about a week now. We have an AMAZING sex life! She loves to suck my d*** and she'll even let me come in her mouth. BUT, every time I try to go down on her, she just gives me this "don't do that" look and she will get really quiet and start acting weird. It wouldn't bother me if I didn't like doing it so much. Eating p**** is something I LOOK FORWARD TO! At first I thought she may be self conscience about the way her vagina looks/ smells, but I told her it was beautiful and smelled great, she said, it's not that. SHE WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON. Why is she like this? Do not all women like their pussy's licked, sucked, teased?
Why won't she let me eat it?
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