Why doesn't my girl swallow?

everytime my girl gives me head she never wants to swallow. I don't think it is fair at all. the least she can do is take it for the team and swallow. its healthy for her cause its protein and its warm so she is having fun and also eating.

why don't you girls like to swallow?


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  • As frustrating as your attitude is towards this topic, I'm not all that surprised. I know a fair few mislead guys who think the same way you do.

    To answer your main question: there could be a few reasons why she doesn't swallow.

    - she has been told by friendsor heard somewhere that it is unpleasant

    - she has had bad first-hand experiences of swallowing semen

    ----> note that swallowing can cause sickness in some girls. Whether it's due to an allergy to semen or a mental block, it can be a very uncomfortable experience.

    - the taste of your penis / precum is off-putting

    The only way for you to really find out is to just ask her why - not in an accusatory or angry way, just simply asking.

    You also have to adjust your attitude. Don't expect it, hope for it. There's a major difference. A whiny, demanding guy is such a turn off. A grateful, understanding persona could get you a long way.

    And just to reiterate: semen is not "healthy" to ingest, the "warmth" of it is not really noticeable and it is not "eating". Some girls may find it fun but many do not. She's sucking you off you should just be thankful for that alone.


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  • I for one agree with you completely, but that's because I'm a swallowing fan. I like cum and I enjoy swallowing it. Your girlfriend can be the same way with a little time and effort - if she wants to be. You can't make her do anything she doesn't want to do. If this is important to you, then you need a different girlfriend. Sorry, I'm already taken. :-)

  • Why don't you come in a glass and swallow it?

    it's healthy, it's protein & you can make it yourself

    How do you know she's having fun?

    Girl's come is not like guys come at all.

    Girl's come spread out so unless the girl is squirts you don't get it down your throat.

    Guys come is thicker, sticker, and gooey.

  • I think you should appreciate the fact that she is even giving you head. It's very kind of her and I hope you do regularly reciprocate.

    For some girls, it's just not an easy thing to do. I hate to break it to you, but come isn't as great as guys like you think it is. It's nasty and slimy, and sometime's it tastes REALLY bad. After having a d*** going in and out of your mouth, and maybe even causing you to gag, forcing yourself to swallow something slimy, slippery, and bad-tasting really isn't something we want to do.

    Appreciate her for what she CAN and WILL do for you.

    I know tons of girls who won't have their mouth ever touch a penis.

  • Swallowing is not a requirement and is a choice and considering it is her body, her mouth, she doesn't have to do anything because you "expect" it. And no, it isn't healthy, it doesn't contain enough of anything to be healthy, so could you uh, not spread false bs.

    Same reason dudes don't like going down, taste, odor and oh yea, preferences

  • lol well maybe you need to change your diet so it tastes better. Also, it's not all girls.

  • Why is it not fair? You should be grateful she even gives head. She dosnt have to. Why do you want her to anyway? Would you eat it yourself? Doubt it, it's disgusting.

    • Also don't assume it's fun for her to give you head. It's not fun, I hate doing it and so do a lot of girls. Be grateful she even puts your penis in her mouth, and don't give her crap like "it's healthy you should eat it" if you think it's so good for you f#cking eat it yourself!

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  • I think its very disrespectful for a girl to spit it out, to be honest. I'd be very pissed if a girl spat it allover my floor. Although, I'm fine with her not taking it in her mouth if she doesn't intend to keep it there, you know?

    Not that I like blowjobs period but its the thought that counts, aheheh. I always swallow.

  • Eat fruits more often.

    I'm serious, it's working.

  • Even I don't expect this from women. Swapping bodily fluids isn't always the best idea anyway. Some girls are grossed out by it, stop complaining and be happy with what you get.

  • shouldnt you be happy she gave you head?

  • I understand that drinking lots of fruit juice will make semen taste better. To be fair though, have you earned you redwings?

  • A girl who doesn't swallow isn't your girlfriend, she's just some chick you're f***ing.

    • Exactly I have a similar philosophy a guy who can't swallow his own shouldn't expect it to be swallowed.

    • You just don't like men, pixie. So your opinion really isn't worth half a sh*t.

  • Maybe she doesn't like the taste, not all girls would swallow there are some that would.