Twerking parties, do girls like to feel?

I'm going to this girls sweet 18 birthday party yea iv gotten twerks before from other girls...but the girl I like is gonna be twerkin on me cause she told me so in class so I'm kinda hyped and nervous at the same time...i guess what I'm asking is do girls like to feel the male body party on their Ass?


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  • Some girls do, some girls don't, some girls don't care

    This one does like it since she told you.


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  • Yea You Should She Gonna Start Liking It And She Probly Chose You Just To See About Your Male Part Lol


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  • What is "Twerkin" lol?

    • uhh lmfao its a dance basiaclly when a girl is griding on you ^__^

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    • naw fam dude lol just when a girl gridin her ass on you lol... go hit som parties up dude lol

    • I grew out of the party phase...but I can still get down haha. I just never heard that term before.

  • This makes the ladies wet...


  • If she grinds you not expecting a boner up her ass... she has either absolutely no knowledge about sexuality or she is incredibly ugly.

    I hope that girl's neither of those...

    • i been to some parties and there's girls then don't care dey feel me getting exctied and twerk faster and hard :D and then there's always that 1 girl I get a twerk from that thinks its iky or there's those group of girls that come to a twerking party and don't twerk -___- they need to carry dey ass home lol