How do I get rid of my girl's gag reflex?

I like it when my girl gives oral and she says she likes to give it but, can't deepthroat my **** as she gags easily and nearly threw up one time, she says she wants to please me and deepthroat me but can't

So any solutions girls and guys?


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  • She needs to relax first. Position can play an important key. Having her lay on the bed with her head hanging off the side and you standing on the floor in front of her can make entering her throat easier. Also, I find it a lot easier, depending on the shape and size of the penis to stradle him backwards, like 69, but sitting on his chest and do it that way.

    She needs to take it slow.. doing it fast will trigger that gag reflex if she's not used to it. Tell her to take slow, deep breaths through her nose. Getting over the gag reflex is part mind over matter, and partly breathing correctly.


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  • Deep throat takes practice.

    And hey, I've actually thrown up on someone trying to do it. So get over barf, barf happens.

    She *can* deepthroat but she has to relax her throat. And go only a few seconds (and do this on an empty stomach, otherwise, she will vomit). Let her get used to it.

    You want her to get rid of her gag reflex, let her do it on her own time.

    It's not pleasant by the way, learning how to do that. It really really sucks. Try choking on a bratwurst and see how pleasant that is.

  • you can't get rid of it lol

    youre either born with one or not. you can train her to get more relaxed and better at it. throwing up may be part of it for her.

    im lucky I don't have one. I love deep throating but it isn't as much a struggle for me because of my lack of gag reflex. I let one of my friends watch me on a dildo and she's like amazed and trying to get me to help her with it. lol

    the guys I've been with have definitely been spoiled though. being able to have a guy literally "throat f***" you is something that he'll definitely never forget because not many girls can really do it.


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  • u don't get rid of it..she does

  • The gag reflex is rarely "removed" via practice, but you yourself can't remove it.