Is it normal to have stomach cramps/pain after losing your virginity?

I few days ago I hooked up with some guy a vaguely knew and lost my virginity to him. I was sick the few days before, but I went out, partied, and took him back to my room.

My stomach has been cramping and queasy since then. I don't really have an appetite as of late and I keep having lower abdominal pains and I woke up nauseous. This literally happened like...two days ago and we used a condom so I'm not super worried about a pregnancy scare or anything. But if f***ing hurts. I feel like he went to hard/fast and I wasn't wet enough...but I'm wondering if the pain is normal. It's not anything super serious...I just keep having symptoms like a stomach ache like diarrhea, gas, and nausea.


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  • As a guy I can only answer based on what women have told me, and that would be no, it's not normal to hurt for days afterward. Your first problem is "went too hard/fast and I wasn't wet enough". If someone is dumb or mean enough to jam a penis in your vagina before you're ready or lubricated then he's not the right person for you. He either needs sex education or to be anally raped without lube and see how he likes it.

    Do not let anyone penetrate you unless you can easily slide a couple fingers in.

    I think your other symptoms are unrelated.

    Either way get yourself checked out by a doctor please.


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  • I have the same problems, what was wrong with you?
    Let me know ASAP please!!

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