Girls, do you like it when the guy cums inside you?

my ex loved it, and I hella loved it.

but I'm wondering if other girls feel the same as her.

guys, I know its way better to come inside for most of us, but give me your opinion.

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  • Every girl I know seems to like it >.> other than the threat of pregnancy. There's no doubt why considering sperm has many chemicals that come with them that make them feel good and increase their happiness.



    • o yeah I knew about that. but I'm talking about the immediate satisfaction.

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    • yeah I guess.

      thanks for the link man, more people need to know about that.

    • LMAO! that picture wow

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What Girls Said 8

  • Depends. If we're doin a quickie or something, I prefer that he not come inside me.. I don't really like trying to go somewhere after that and having come drip into my pants. It can be messy.

    • lol I know, my ex would text me from work saying her pants were wet.

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    • I'd prefer he only come inside if I can get up and go take a shower afterward. If it's a quickie, I usually don't have time for all of that. Not that I think semen is a bad thing, but I'd rather it not sit there and marinate if you know what I mean.

    • yeah haha, post-cum happens to me almost every time and its nasty cause its in my boxers if I don't change.

  • Well I know its bad but yes, its much better when the guy isn't wearing a condom and comes inside. I know that the pill isn't 100% effective..but with my last boyfriend I was willing to do it sometimes..and much better. So yes, I know I shouldn't do it..but yes I have and loved it.

    • haha doesn't it make it even hotter? ; )

      so what did you like about it?

    • dunno..cant quiet explain..i guess its just that you can feel him better without the condom..and when he cums..its like more intense. then when he cums..its like when you give a bj and you get that like confirmation he liked it..haha..a very big messy confirmation! haah

    • lol OK thanks for clarifying.

  • I love a guy to cum inside me , I haven't used a condom in 12 years and have only been with my partner for the last 6, there were a few guys prior to him I was happy to go bareback with , mostly if I'm going to sleep its fine , if its in the morning ill wash b4 work and wear cotton undies just incase of leakage.. if its a quickie b4 we he out I'd prefer to swallow

  • you can't really feel it, but it is nice knowing that he came inside. hate how messy it is after...

    • haha yeah I know, one time we did it with her boots on and it dripped onto them.

      i felt terrible cause I thought I'd ruined them, but they turned out OK.

      it was funny tho.

  • Yes def like it :o)

  • I love it when he cums inside me

  • yes. I mean you can't really feel anything except more wet. so it's more of a mental thing. but it's great

  • i love it, but I always freak out about getting pregnant. I'm on birth control but I'm just paranoid about that. I did that regularly with my ex and it was awesome. no condom, just him f***ing me and feeling everything then letting his load out in me. it feels so natural I think. then sometimes he'd push my legs back and finger me to get it out, and make me suck on his fingers to swallow what came out. hotness. I think the best is that he can really f*** you hard toward his finish, while he's coming because they kind of lose it at that moment. I love that.

    i took a lot of pregnancy tests with him though lol

    • haha nice!

      yeah I always go crazy at that last moment, so much that me and her came at the same time once ; )

      that's my best memory of my sex life.

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    • lol hey I love my sex toys :P

      well I think youd have to somehow nudge the idea into her head/ask her if you want a fwb.

      and I know its hard to believe, but if you're funny and charming enough, you can have your pick of girls.


    • yeah it is kinda hard to believe since I make girls laugh easily and still don't get my pick of girls.

      well, I think that cause I never make moves on girls like that so I don't know and they never tell me when they like me, so I wouldn't know haha.

      you're a girl, its not the same for a guy to have them.

What Guys Said 1

  • YES!even though you can't really feel him cumming inside you, sex without condoms is just SOOO much and I love knowing he is cumming inside me. I love the feeling of his juices running back out again...

    • haha ok.

      i would think it feels weird to feel it coming back out, like diarrhea or something.