Should I castrate myself? Chop it off or no?

Well I'm 24 and still haven't even kissed a girl yet. Everyday that is all I really think about and it depresses the hell outta me. I try to keep girls out of my head but just can't. I don't know why but I can't find a single girl that is attracted to me. I might not be the best looking guy but I'm not ugly. I'm just an average looking guy with average height (5'8) with average amount of money. I'm not buff either nor do I have a fancy car. I'm also not smart at all so yeah. There is no area where I actually have hope since I don't meed the demands or needs of any girl. Life just gets so frustrating. Never been truly happy. When I was 7 I was sexually molested by a guy who made me suck him and what not many times before I moved. Never really told this to anyone. Anyways how do I get the frustrations of never getting a girl and never will out of my head? Should I chop off my penis? This might sound bizarre but without that there would be no sexual attraction towards girls. Hence my girl problem frustrations would be able to be solved. So you guys tell me. Should I castrate myself or not?
Should I castrate myself? Chop it off or no?
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