Dirty Texting to Guys?

Directed towards guys - so guys, tell me what really gets you going. Girls, tell me what's worked on guys for you.

I feel like I'm extremely awkward at dirty texting. The guy I've been exchanging messages with can describe these vivid scenarios, which really work on me. But I feel like I either have a mental block about reciprocation or am secretly uncomfortable with it. My question is - what turns a guy on in a dirty text message?

My skill set basically involves me writing, "f*** me, I want you so bad," and "I'm so wet, thinking about you," but I know guys are more visual than that and saying abstract things like that isn't the best for turning him on. What things should I write?

Some specific examples would be very helpful here.


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  • Describe your body parts in detail, and describe in detail exactly what you want him to do.

    Think about giving driving directions. You don't tell someone: "Drive towards me until you get to my house." You say: "Drive 8 blocks on, make a left on Oak, stay in the right lane, turn sharp right on 7th, go straight for 11 blocks, left on Boulder, then three more blocks to the white and blue house on the right."

    Be that descriptive. Tell a little story, and don't leave out any of the details. Describe what you want him to do, what you want to do, how each of those things feels (in detail), etc. Take it step by step.


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  • Just try to be creative with it like a your describing a romance dirty novel. There are so many different case scenerios that you can use to describe a sex situation. I provided a link for some stories you can read that can give you some ideas.



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  • Tell him what you want to/are going to do to him.

    If he ever says something like 'haha, you love it ;) '

    come back with 'I love your d*** in my mouth ;) '

    or if you haven't given him head, say 'I'd love your d*** in my mouth ;) '

    'I'm so wet right now.'

    'Just thinking of you makes me horny'

    'I want to make you cum, and I want it in my mouth' - or if you do not want it in your mouth (even though to say that is pretty damn hot) just state where you want it

    'I am gonna suck you dry'

    'I love it when you make me moan'

    'You're so good at _________'

    'My bed is so empty, you should come join me ;) '

    'I am going to make you come so many times, you wouldn't think it possible'

    'I want your d***'

    'You. Me. Bed. No clothes.'

    'You taste so good' - even if you are lying

    'I want you to make me scream'

    'I'm dripping wet and desperately need something very big and large to ram me hard ;)

    Any ideas?'

    'Baby, you won't know what pleasure is until you have been with me ;) '

    And heaps more!

    Or if you wanna go the 'story' way then I suggest something like this (which I am making up as I go, it is pretty easy, if you like the idea then try it! Let your imagination run wild!):

    'I had a dream about you last night. It involved you and me, and there were no clothes. I woke up wet, and horny. I started with my nipples, all nice and hard as I gentley squeezed played with them. I then slowly travelled my hands down, near, but not touching where I so badly wanted to be touched. It was driving me crazy. I finally let myself feel the pleasure - but only lightly, ever so lightly. Barely touching, I teased and tickled my clit, as I gave little moans of pleasure here and there. Then, when I couldn't take it any more, I gave in, and I took my fingers and plunged them deep into my dripping wet p*ssy and begun f***ing myself harder and faster, until I reached the point of no return. A shiver went up my spine, and I arched my back as my toes curled, having no control of my loud moans escaped my mouth. When it was all over, I collapsed onto the bed, gasping for breath. That was the biggest orgasm I had ever had, but what shocked me most was that all this, was while thinking of you ;) '

    **I personally do not really like the word p*ssy, I don't hate it, but don't really like it much either. I just used it because it is the typically word to use. If you do not like it try things like 'love-hole', or my 'womanhood' or something like that. But considering you aren't in a relationship with this guy maybe anything with 'love' in it isn't such a good idea.


    Basically, for the sexts, just say what you are going to do to them, what you want them to do to you, and what you will do with each other.

    As for the 'stories', they a good time to explore your fanatasies, I know I did lol.

    Have Fun!


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