Girls opinions on erections while dancing?

I was dancing with a female classmate at one of our school dances. I never danced with a girl before, and I almost immediately got a huge hard-on. Luckily mine usually points up, so it wasn't sticking out or anything. But I was still so nervous because she is my friend, and I also have always had a crush on her since middle school. When it came time to switch from griding to slow dancing, I was so scared that she sould notice. I tried avoiding looking at her since I didn't want to seem creepy staring at her while my hard **** rubbing against her. Then, she took my hands(which were wrapped around her back) and giggled and placed them on her ass. She was wearing those really short shorts and flip flops (which is a major turn on for me), and I almost couldn't take being so aroused. I really liked it but I feel so embarassed its hard to talk to her now without thinking about that.

Did she notice my erection, even if it was pointing upwards? Should I worrry about seeming creepy or anything? I am a pretty shy guy, so I don't want to seem like a creepy nerd. What should I do to not be so embarassed by it anymore?
Girls opinions on erections while dancing?
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