Skinny vs Curvy, Thin vs Thick etc?

I do not know how to put this without sounding like a female dog, but do girls not know the difference between skinny, average, chubby, overweight and body shapes?

I continuously see questions like "Skinny vs Curvy" and some skinny girl will go on a rant about how society is just oh so harsh to her because society encourages eating healthy, being in shape and having womanly curves.

Then, some over weight female dog will ask a question "Thin vs thick" and will give some sob story about how society is oh so harsh on her as well.

Ok, curvy, is body shape, thin, thick, overweight, skinny, average, body types.

I am also sick of how skinny AND "thick" girls expect us all to be politically correct and to cater to their over emotional asses. Perhaps if they ate more or lost weight they wouldn't be so damn emotional?

I don't know, but girls are just idiots, I will say that. They act as though they are the first to ever be skinny, to ever have small boobs, to ever have a big butt, to ever have red hair, I just don't understand.

What are your opinions?


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  • Personally I think it's just not worth getting involved with the drama of head cases anymore. I've come to believe that when girls talk about crap like that, they're just fishing for compliments usually and I just don't want to deal with girls who are that insecure because it usually goes hand in hand with other mental problems that make me not want to associate with them at all in order to keep my own stress level down.


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  • Pretty much the same.

    It's a truism that people want to be accepted as they are, warts and all. However, it seems that we also conflate being accepted with our faults as being treated as if we are flawless. People don't simply want somebody saying "I love you, despite your faults." Rather, they want "I love you because you are perfect!" They, on some level, believe that a healthy relationship can only exist when both partners believe the other one to be perfect. As it stands, it seems that the group whose opinion matters most are people's actual or potential romantic partners.

    For evolutionary reasons, women to a large degree rate men as potential mates on their potential as providers (this is why having a fancy car/expensive clothes does help a man pick up women - and don't say it doesn't work, it does). This results in men who complain about how harsh society/women is - a guy with no money and no job complaining about how society/women is so harsh to deadbeats, a guy without ambition complaining about society's/women's cruel treatment of slackers.

    Similarly, men rate women as potential mates based largely on their looks. So it results in unattractive women complaining about society's/men's cruel treatment of the ugly.

    • But honestly, it isn't even about men, it's about women. WOMEN attack women for their weights, WOMEN attack women for their body shapes, WOMEN glamorize one body type over the other. Women are evil female dogs. It's not even about unattractive/ugly, it's about women's insecurities and the insecurities women bring upon other women.

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    • And women attack men if you want to call it that.

    • Not to mention, men can be even be cruel to men on the level of penis envy or size complex... Women are 10X more on the same token... People are mean toward each other on the basis of body or whatever the case may be.

  • Remember my post? I was asking the same thing but in a different way...

    As I said to you before, I agree with you even this time.

  • My opinion is, its in the eyes of the beholder. Everybody has preferences. But if you are talking about men in general, men prefer the fit type of woman. Like Rosie Huntington, FHM's #1 Sexiest Woman of 2011.

    Its like saying men should have abs. Yes, there was once a time in the history of our race, that all of the men at that time, had abs of steel. I mean I have them, but its super hard to maintain them because my diet has to be pure. I don't drink, I dnt smoke I don't do drugs. Its hard to maintain my battle armor.

    That being said, the majority wins over the minority, ALWAYS because the majority outnumbers the minority.

    Majority: Fit, skinny, average woman

    Minority: Curvy, overweight, thick, fat

    • You do understand skinny girls CAN be curvy and you seem to be one of the ignorant individuals who doesn't understand curvy is body shape, such as hourglass. Sorry to say, but I don't think a dude will choose a skinny ruler shaped girl over a skinny hourglass shaped girl. Curvy is NOT a euphemism for "fat" it is a body shape

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    • Because skinny women can be hourglass shapes or pears, they can also be curvy. I personally consider fit to be athletic, as if we were talking about the athletic body type

    • Exactly.

      I prefer athletic build anyway... Let's just say when the summer olympics are playing, I can not look at the womens' swiming or highdive... LOL

  • I completely agree with you.

  • thick, curvy, fluffy, etc. = fat.

    I like slender girls with decent curves.

    • So point being, you like slender girls with CURVES. Curvy doesn't equal fat, curvy is a body shape

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    • Back to my post on the same sh*t, they call themselves "curvy" because they are euphamistically trying to say they are fat. Personally, I think dating sites should have visual diagrams of body shapes to determine what their physique entails, anmd moderators to change it if they are misrepresenting themselves... But then again, liars would not like it...

    • Curvy is a body shape..
      I'm thick and I've been called curvy because of my body shape is curvy...
      My measurements seems weird to me because I have very wide hips a small waist and big tits...(btw I'm black).
      I've been stared at by many teens, young adults and creepy old guys.. most usually are very nervous around me too.. hell I remember when I went to the grocery store with my mom and I went to go by something a white guy who worked at the register stared at my body, and when he gave me my change back he blushed a bit and seemed very friendly well to me at least.. he really tried to make an attempt to befriend me but I had to go... then there was another time when I went to the library.. I was checked out by many guy once again.. hell I know this one guy who said he wasn't attracted to black women but he fell in love with me lol.. crazy huh?

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  • That women are as stupid over their body size as men are over their p*nis size.

    Skinny vs curvy is like length vs girth.

  • Most girls will never be fully confident with their bodies. But the thing they need to understand is that your body does not define who you are. That whole "real women have curves" crap is bullsh*t, just like when people say beautiful is model stick thin. Real women are confident, independent, and strong. It has nothing to do with their body. At least in my opinion it doesn't.

    • While I don't condone the whole "real women have curves" it seems to me as though skinny women lack brains. As though they can't understand, that was aimed towards the modeling industry, because everywhere in society, skinny IS accepted and IS admired and IS adored, especially in the fashion/modeling industry. It was made because a lot of women trying to get into that industry would starve themselves, and when you develop an ED you can cause organ failure including loss of curves and periods

  • LMAO, you snapped!

  • I'm a girl (clearly :P), and I understand it. I'm not an idiot, or overly-emotional. Society gets to us all in one way or another, we just have to deal with it.