My boyfriend got angry because I got fingered by my ex??

i never had sexual intercourse before my current bf...we are together for like 6 years now. but when we had sex for the first time I didn't bleed. he asked me just once whether I had sex before..i said no..he let it go. now after so many years... we were talking about hymen... and then he just said "yeah but you didn't have 1 too"..i said "yeah I don't know why" he started asking me why why ..then he said that he wouldn't get angry about anything... I can tell him anything I want etc etc. so I said that maybe I got fingered by my ex once or maybe its the reason. he didn't get outwardly angry or he didn't yell at me... but he got super cold. when I asked him why...he said that I should told him that. I mean I didn't see why I should tell him all that about some ex. and then the worst part came. he said , I didn't know you were that kind of a girl for whom sex is a trivial thing and she can have it have anyone"... I demanded on what basis he is saying that,.. he said "because of your past of course"...and he said like so disgustingly. and I slammed the phone on him. I am super hurt that after so many ywars with him he would say something like this. he didn't even call me back. I just don't know what to do about I t
My boyfriend got angry because I got fingered by my ex??
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