Women: How many abortions have you had?

Pro-Lifers please don't answer.

I've had 3 not from lack of use of contraception. I've done the pill, condoms,and IUD's but still manage to get pregnant. I'm just very fertile, I've never wanted children and I probably never will. I started having sex when I was 11, and I loved it. It was with an older man who was married. I didn't love him, I loved the money he was giving me for sex. $200 bucks a f***. I was 13 When I found out I was pregnant. I didn't even tell him I was, I just asked him for some money and he just gave it to me. I knew a person who could do relatively good back alleys, so I went to them and got it done. The second time I got pregnant was while working as a stripper. I was 16 and working illegally, but I was making a good $500 a night. A guy asked me to have sex with him for $100 and I said yes. He didn't use a condom, but I was on the pill so I figured I'd be OK. Well a month later I found out I was pregnant again. Again I went to the same back alley and got the abortion done. The third time I got pregnant I was 18, and actually had a boyfriend. He was a nice guy, but I didn't care for him. When I found out I was pregnant, he surprisingly wanted the baby, but I didn't. I told him I didn't want to be tied down with a kid. I asked him for the money to get one, but he told me shove it and that if I killed his kid we were over. I was fine with that, I didn't care about him anyway. So I went to an abortion clinic and got the procedure done and I don't regret anyone of them.
Women: How many abortions have you had?
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