Guys - what would you consider sexual tension?

This guy and I like each other yet we've been down this bumpy road of avoiding talking about it or facing it. It felt like it to me but I would want other opinions. We were REALLY pissy with each other tonight. Not too hurtful or nasty but definitely feisty, sarcastic, and obnoxious. We were at each others throats yet it wasn't something that was going to end up w us hating each other. It FELT like se*ual tension, considering we have been flirting and being silly for awhile now *almost a year* and nothing has happened. We just kept making obnoxious comments to each other and I SWEAR he gets under my skin! I even SAID he does and he flashed a smile and then continued to be snippy. I then said I knew he Loved it. And continued being snippy myself. He then said he couldn't WAIT to leave yet continued to bicker with me *remember it wasn't nasty bickering - just the type to big each other * he then said goodbye, smiling, and said one of mt catch phrases that I LIKE to say, not him. Is it me or was that a type of se*ual tension? It's like we couldn't HELP but annoy each other . Is this a form of se*ual tension?///
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HE could have avoided this whole thing if he just gave me this thing I asked for! Normally if I ask to see something, his phone, or whatever is in front of him that he usually shares he hands it over, NOW he just smiles to himself, pushes it far away and says NO. WTF? And that's when it starts. He will even pick it up and say "see, there you saw it." and still keeps it away from me, smug. This has been his new thing lately. It drives me CRAZY. Why the heck is he doing this? we're not teenagers!
Guys - what would you consider sexual tension?
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