I'm an 18 year old female and I've never played with a penis before!

I WANT TO PLAY WITH A PENIS! Every God damn body else has played with a penis but me! I can't just go out there and play with one! I mean...I could but that's what I call being a whore! "Hey you! Let me play with your cock! You don't even have to work for me to play with it, I'll just play with it no ifs ands or buts!" NO!

Long story short, I'm an ugly duckling who grew to be a swan. When everyone my age began to be sexually active, I was...no. lol I was just going through an awkward phase. I've come along way. Lets just leave it at that lol Like I just now had my first date and first kiss this past Valentine's Day. Guys check me out all of the time and it's not like I don't date. I'm just very picky about who I get involved with. Plus I feel like now that I've waited this long, my sexual firsts have to be special. They have to be with someone who loves me. Not just for the sake that I really want to get some experience. Sooo…..fml. Basically. :/ I want to play with a cock. They look like so much fun to grab and squeeze and rub and just like…I could see myself laying in bed not being able to sleep and just play with it for the hell of it because it looks like fun to jerk around and get reactions out of him with hehe

Guys, what do you think of a girl who’s my age and has never done anything sexual at all? I’m very sexually curious. I’ve read lots of Cosmopolitain and books about sex. I’ve also watched a lot of p*rn and the Discovery channel. It’s not like I’m 100% unknowledgable and inexperienced. Well…physically I’m inexperienced…but mentally….ooohhhh yeahhh :D hehe Ladies, any tips on playing with d***s? Thanks guys!

I'm an 18 year old female and I've never played with a penis before!
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