What does a guy mean when he says "I feel connected to you"?

"I feel connected to you"? And you have had sex already and it is great...


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  • i would think it means that he really likes you and thinks you guys have chemistry and could work in a relationship. or he could possibly mean that he loves you.

    • Young guys have a tendency to confuse sex with love so I must agree with your thought, "...he could possibly mean that he loves you."

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  • If you didn't understand, why didn't you say 'What do you mean?'

    And I know your gonna say 'I just want other peoples opinions', but come on, ask him, man.

    • I am not a native English speaker :(

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    • too true. I shall ask him then.

      You just nailed it! I need to overcome my fear... whichever this fear is.

    • ^_^ Excellent. Lifes a lot easier if you don't try and work everything out alone, if you don't understand something its not necessarily your fault, and there's nothing more harmless than saying 'What?', hahaha.

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