Do you girls like to LOOK at big penises?

not necessarily want a big one, but just look at big ones?

if you know me well enough, you know idc about my d***, its good the way it is and I get compliments on it so I'm coo.

but I'm wondering if maybe you just like looking at them sometimes?

even if you don't even want it inside you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • depends how big.

    there is a point where the hotness of a large d*** transitions into my p**** running for its life. I can't pinpoint what size that is exactly, but there is definitely a point on the scale of large penises that will still turn me on even though I have no desire to have them in me, but any bigger will simply strike fear into the depths of my vagina lol


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What Girls Said 5

  • yeah...not going to lie, when I watch p*rn, I like the bigger penises. they look better than the smaller ones

    • i think they look better too, it makes the sex more entertaining to watch cause the guy can do more things to the girl with it.

  • It depends. I fantasize about what us attached to the guy I'm crushing on has...

  • lol this question made me laugh. I have no idea. I don't like, go out of my way to look at penises if that's what you mean haha. I don't look at p*rn either... soo... no penis spying for me? also, size doesn't really matter... like some girl on here said, a bigger penis just hurts. smaller/average is better. it's seriously just how he uses it. the length of the vagina to the cervix is some 4-5 inches. the cervix? a TINY hole. can you say ouch?

    • o yeah I knew all that already.

      i'm just asking cause I knew some girls just like to look.

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    • ha yes exactly!

  • It depends how big. Up to a certain size it's nice to look at because it really draws your attention. But only up to eight inches or so. If it's abnormal scary big, I don't want to look at it OR have it inside me. Not to discriminate, but even 5 inches hurts me sometimes. If I had a boyfriend who was huge I'd find a way to handle it, but average works best for me personally. And seeing something enormous just makes me wonder how the heck I'd get it inside me.

    • lol you must be a tiny girl.

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    • Oh haha! Thanks!

    • anytime.

  • TMI alert. I only like to look at large penises if they have a big head.. But yea. their nice to look at but very unconventional when it comes to sex.. Been there done that OUCH!


What Guys Said 5

  • No, I only really like looking at small ones. Big ones are fine to play with but my preference is little ones, 4 inches and lower =]

  • sure

  • m sure

  • Of course they do. When will guys realize that chicks love big d***s.

    • when will you stop trippin on it?

    • Let me put it this way for you. Women like to look at things they associate with pleasure. If they're into big penis the will be aroused by the sight of a big d***. If they associate pain with it they won't get excited about it. Its really that simple. Other than the pleasure a d*** can give what else is a d*** good for? Not much at least for a woman. So it all hinges on if they associate sexual pleasure or pain with it. Make sense now?

  • looks don't do much for girls. I think they'd rather it inside them doing it's job

    • yeah I know they like the emotion more than the looks but still, I know some girls on this site like looking at it.