Ladies if a guy ejaculates while your are deep throating can you feel it inside? does it hurt?

is it at all pleasurable are not at all? is it annoying


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  • Have you ever taken a small sip of water and kind of opened up your throat so it goes down without you needing to swallow? It's like that, but warm.

    It doesn't hurt, it's not annoying, but it's not super pleasurable or anything. Just an odd sensation.

    • excellent example..much better than a standard..iz thankful b well!

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  • Deep throating is not all that common an occurance,sorry guys,hate to ruin the fantasy. The guy would have to be on the below averge length,in most cases,or bigger ,wih the girl being quite experienced.Getting the whole thing in your mouth is not that easy to do.It's fun,but not easy.That being said,when I have been able to do it, and the guy ejaculates,it doesn't add any extra sensory pleasure,but the simple act, or the visual may be erotic enough to heighten the moment. It's more for the guys benefit,than anything else. Experiment with some tapioca pudding and see for yourself,ha,ha!

  • one of two things could happen if a guy cums while a girl is deep throating

    1. a girl can choke because its something that would need to be swallowed and since it's just shooting to the back of the throat without much warning, it's going to be inhaled and not a pretty sight I would think, and inhaling come I don't think would be pleasurable to the girl

    2. a girl could throw up all over you. girls gag already from deep throating alone so once again, shooting a load to the back of the throat with out much warning could cause a girls gag reflex to really come into action causing her to puke up all over you. and that's just gross if that were to happen. and probably not much of a turn on for the both of you either.

    so if you're asking if it's a turn off or turn on, to me with those answers, turn off. I don't want to have a huge choking fit from your cum, that's so not sexy and will destroy the mood and I don't want to throw up all over you, that would be gross for both of us to see after something as awesome as a blow job.

    • Neither of those things has ever happened to me.

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    • well that's still something I would worry about. I've deep throated before but no guy has ever come in my mouth while doing so. so I guess maybe I worry about that stuff for nothing?

    • This is not only negative as anything, but incorrect. The action of DEEPTHROATNG is not present unless the penis head has passed the windpipe and esophagus division, causing a relaxing of the reflex and repeated swallowing spasms. The very Idea in most peoples mind that ramming the penis into the uvula is an exciting experience is beyond embarrassing. Most men get off to the comfort and excitement of their woman. Those uncomfortable faces you make while straining to please your man are unnecessary and provoke the man to wonder if it is worth your discomfort, ruining the true male orgasm. If actually deepthroating correctly, even with shorter penises (possible in certain positions) it is impossible for the woman to choke. Only the "warmth" spoken of in the other comments is present among the light spasms which do not hurt, but gently massage the penis. Throating is a practice, more is always to learn in sex. I just recently learned to get myself off without touching my penis at all. :)

  • i don't even feel it (sadly) if I'm deepthroating. I guess you can kinda feel warm...but you just kindda swallow and move on. you don't feel much.

  • ehhh it can go down the wrong pipe and you can choke coughing...can ruin the moment =/ I don't mind blowjobs but deep throating is definitely not something every grl is good at sometimes I can't even get the back of my teeth while brushing my teeth with toothbrush my throat is just sensitive


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