Missionary (guy on top variations) vs woman on top?

This is mainly for the Girls because frankly, guys can care less what position we're in as long as they're getting it. When it comes to sex, what's better Missionary or woman on top. Which has more advantages, feels better etc.. First off, I want to say Missionary simply means the guy is on top and the girl is on the bottom. Some people think Missionary means guy on top, girl on the bottom doing nothing. Ha! What a joke. As long as he's on top, its Missionary. There are over 40 variations to Missionary I think there's a reason Missionary or guy on top sex is the most popular and used sex position in the world.

I pick Missionary over woman on top. I do like being on top, but there's something about the guy being on top that not only feels sexy, but feels better than me on top. there's just way to many things you can do when the guy is on top. First off, the skin is our biggest organ, Missionary provides the most skin to skin contact. Missionary is a position for all seasons. If you want to have slow passionate sex, have him lower himself on top of you so that you feel all his weight on you. That feels so sexy. From there, you can kiss passionately, you can wrap your legs around him, claw your nails down his back, grab his butt and pull him into you. Plus its comfortable. If you want hard and fast sex, throw your legs up over his shoulders and cross your ankles around his neck. This provides deeper penetration. Gives is access to his privates, so we can pull on them or massage or we can rub on our clitoris. The guy can vary his thrusts. Or from Missionary, we can buck our hips and meet his thrusts, close our legs and place his legs on the outside of ours. He can grind into us putting pressure on our clitoris, or the guy can thrust in circles, side to side up and down. I just think guy on top sex has way more advantages when done right.
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Yeah, the deep eye contact is also romantic.
Missionary (guy on top variations) vs woman on top?
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