Why do guys stare when you're grinding with a guy at the club?

When I go to the club, I love to just get lost in the music! :D It's my mission to go there, just dance to a point where my spirit takes over my body. It feels so good like an instant remedy :) I like grinding with guys because I'm a virgin who has never participated in any sexual activity not even been fingered and it helps me release some pent up sexual frustration. Don't judge me. lol At least I keep it real :) It's the closest I can get to sexual activity lol so I tend to just let loose and dance very sensually. I keep it as classy as grinding can get. I don't let the guy put his hands all over me. To be honest, it's like something just takes over lol I forget that I'm in a room full of people lol and get so lost in the music and the dance I'm having with the guy. I dance with every single part of my body; my back, my finger tips, my hands, my legs...mainly utilizing my belly dancing and hip rolling skills. I let my hair get all in my face and I love it lol I love flipping it back or pulling to the one side and looking back at him over my shoulder :) When I snap back into reality and realize there are people everywhere, a lot of them are usually just staring! Girls stare too! One time, I was dancing with this guy and a group of like four or five, maybe even six of his friend were just staring at us wtf It's kind of awkward lol I don't really like the attention, but somehow I seem to get it :/ I just want to go in the club and dance the night away with no one paying attention! Anyway, I was just wondering why people stare? It's awkward!

Why do guys stare when you're grinding with a guy at the club?
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